Why Can’t I Write This?

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I love visiting National Parks, it is my true passion. It was sparked by a need to feel like a Floridian and visit the national parks where I live and then later by a desire to see beautiful natural places. I started “blogging” a little over a year ago and beginning with documenting my past trips, I got about 8 trips in and then let it go unwritten. I also wanted to do a “tips and tricks,” which lets be honest, was mostly about all the mistakes I’ve made and how much I don’t like being dirty or smelly, but somehow I love hiking and being outdoors, sort of a paradox.

About a year ago now I became very engrossed in reading. Now, I’ve always been a reader. When I was a child I would stay up past my “bedtime” because if I was in bed, then I was allowed to read. Voraciously I read through hundreds of books over the year. Oddly it took me a year after the pandemic lockdown to make a sound financial decision when it came to my reading habit. So, I decided to pay for Kindle Unlimited as I was finishing a book every few days, so my $10 subscription per month became vastly more cost effective than paying $5-$10 dollars 4 times a week. Because I was now reading so much I let all of my other hobbies and tasks fall by the wayside. I neglected not only my burgeoning blog, but also keeping up with my favorite shows on tv, and any housework I needed to do (but how many people like to keep up with housework?). As the year has passed I’ve been trying to temper the time I spend reading so that I can also have a life, it’s a new adjustment for me!

My goals for the year are to write at least one post per week until I’ve at least documented all of my trips for posterity’s sake. And, I’m writing it down here to keep myself accountable, in addition to writing more my personal goals are to work on my health and wellness. Now, this blog is not about my health journey, but inevitably the more healthy I am and the more I work on my fitness goals, then the better my hiking experience will be and I will feel more comfortable tackling challenging hikes. Here is to new goals at the tail end of March! Forget New Year’s Resolutions and embrace randomly timed goal setting!!

Please enjoy the included pictures of baby animals since this post was mostly me ranting and goal setting!

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